We all deserve to be Fit 4 Life

Gerry Searle-Matthews

Gerry Searle-Matthews

B.Sc. (HONS) R.S.A.   A.E.M.A   I.T.E.C.   F.E.A.D.

THE owner and Director opened the doors to the Fit 4 Life Medical Centre on the 14th February 2005 after a complete change in career path from being a professional model and TV personality to health. 

She has been working as a health professional for over 27 years and had pioneered a health related quality of life programme aptly named Fit 4 Life in the UK. 

Her career included designing specialised conditioning exercise programmes for professional athletes, west end performers and A list celebrities’, and was ranked in the top 3 on the Uk’s Register for Personal Trainers.

 After finishing her Bsc Hons degree in Health she pursued a career in obesity research and worked in active for life programmes, promoting health and lifelong physical activity for schools, community programmes and private patients.

 She became an integral part of the team that pioneered the Cardiac Rehab programme we have in hospitals today, to name one of many health programmes she has been involved with.  It was always her intention to be able to offer a service like this to the community of Gibraltar so that everyone regardless of their level of fitness, gender size or age could benefit from a better quality of life. 

Her vision has now expanded from the initial exercise and nutrition programmes for a variety of illnesses and conditions to a wider service that has now branched out to include pain management, injury prevention and rehabilitation and has become the preferred clinic for many local sport professionals. 

Her Centre is also leading the way for weight loss services and comprehensive nutritional programmes, and is the most advanced with its complimentary therapies, functional medicine practitioners and natural treatments and medicines and it perfectly integrates this holistic side with conventional medicine. 

In the last 17 years the centre has established itself as one of the best clinics in Gibraltar and has brought together a team of highly skilled professionals in both fields of medicine and has been able to achieve an   extremely professional relationship with the leading specialists and hospitals in Spain and Gibraltar  including The GHA , The Marbella High Care, Xanit and Quiron in order to provide the community with the best private care possible.

The Fit 4 Life Clinic is constantly striving for excellence to keep delivering the best health care for its patients and Gerry’s constant research; hard work and determination to create awareness in preventative medicine have seen her ideals rapidly expand. 

Her tireless efforts to improve quality of life and well being have projected Fit 4 Life into the forefront of the future of medicine with the services that the clinic now provides:

 DNA Testing 


Antiageing and Rejuvenation Treatments and Therapies. 

Functional Medicine

Advanced Nutritional Therapy

Longevity & Ground Breaking Advancements in Natural Medicine

Through her accomplishments and expertise in her field Gerry has been called upon to be a regular in local media including news and radio giving her advice and opinions on various health related matters.  She even presented her own 8 episode series TV programme based on health matters in 2011.