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Body Mesotherapy

Originally a medical technique devised in 1958 by French man Dr. Michel Pistor to treat conditions such as rheumatology, sports traumology, infectious diseases, vascular diseases, and the improvement of circulation. Mesotherapy has subsequently been extremely successful in the treatment of aesthetic conditions.Cellulite/Orange peel Effect and Weight Loss can be effectively managed with the use of Mesotherapy. The treatment stimulates the mesoderm, or middle layer of the skin, which in turn helps to disperse the cellulite.

The Treatment

Mesotherapy involves injecting small amounts of homeopathic medicine immediately beneath the surface of the skin to break down the cellulite and to improve circulation and lymphatic and venous drainage. Each treatment takes about ten minutes and is not painful. After the treatment you can return to normal activities. The addition of vitamin C to the mixture encourages the tone and quality of the overlying skin.

Treatment may be carried out immediately after initial consultation, at which you will be informed as to how many treatments you will require. Micro injections are given over a period of four to eight weeks.

The treatment is long lasting and the results measurable. When the desired effects are achieved, all that is required is annual maintenance.

Superb results are achieved and those being treated look and feel better during and after treatment Overall, with a moderate amount of lifestyle change.

Mesotherapy can provide measurable improvements with people losing up to two centimetres from the circumference of their thighs after only six sessions.

Facial Mesotherapy

Complexion brightening vitamin treatments that are injected four to six millimetres below the epidermis to improve skin texture and tone. These vitamin cocktails, packed with natural antiaging ingredients, give the skin tissues exactly what it needs, and where it’s needed.

Neither oral nor topical vitamins can offer the same results. It consists of a customised multivitamin blend which includes low concentrations of vitamins A through to E. This blend is injected into specific points, such as the forehead, cheekbones’, and outer corners of the lips. After four to six treatments skin looks fresher and more radiant. Touch ups are recommended every year.

Adverse reactions are rare as this is a natural injectable.

Vitamin therapy immediately plumps the skin and creates structural changes over time such as collagen formation and skin firmness.