We all deserve to be Fit 4 Life

About Us

The Fit4Life Medical Centre is an innovative clinic, the first of its kind in Gibraltar to integrate conventional medicine with holistic therapies under one roof.

The idea for such a centre has been pioneered by Gerry Searle a Gibraltarian who after 14 years away came back home with the dream to open a centre where the community could benefit from a better quality of life.

Gerry has been in the health and fitness profession for over 20 years, and has a Bsc, Hons Degree, her experience as a health professional comes from the UK, Holland and Spain, pioneering programmes for health authorities, managing exclusive health clubs, training high profile personalities and working for TV earning her a place as one of the UK’s Top Personal Trainers..

She has designed specialised conditioning programmes for professional athletes, fitness clubs and hospitals and wrote the Fit4Life programmes for special conditions, such as obesity, cardiac rehab, osteoporosis, arthritis, and injury prevention amongst others that are currently successfully running in the UK.

She has been involved and has a keen interest in obesity research working in active for life programmes, promoting health and lifelong physical activity for schools, comunity programmes and private patients.

The centre is now leading the way in weight loss and nutrition and is the most advanced slimming clinic in Gibraltar.

The centre promises to deliver excellence in every field with its team of highly skilled professionals providing the best health care for its patients.

It aims to delay the aging process by focusing on preventative medicine, giving you a better quality of life for longer.

It has a monitored exercise centre with Rehabilitation Equipment, Technogym isotonic strength machines, TV, Music, Personal Training, Weight Training, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Special Conditions Exercise Prescription Programmes, and Weight Loss Programmes.

The opening times for the centre are from 8.30.am to 7.30pm Monday to Friday.


At the Fit4Life Medical Centre is to work with highly skilled professionals with the most advanced techniques and treatments for the best quality of life because we all deserve to be FIT4LIFE.



As part of the antiaging medicine it offers diet, nutritional and energy requirements advice, personalised exercise programmes, weight loss programmes, Body fat testing, metabolic rate functions, dermatology, phebology, reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery, botox, laser and photoepilation, face and body reshaping using the patients own fat (transplantation method), lymphatic drainage, detox, and cellulite treatments.


Highly Qualified Plastic Surgeons

Trained in the most advanced reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery techniques, featuring thread lifting, of entire face, frontal and upper part, and endoscopic blepharoplasty and /or laser assisted blepharoplasty, for a fresher look repairing drooped eyelids, wrinkles etc.


Featuring microsculpture, superficial sculpture, laser assisted liposculpture, face and body remodelling, and ultrasonic liposculture.

Other techniques

Neck lifting, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, gynaecomasty, breast augmentation/reduction, peelings, facial and body mesotherapy, skin resurfacing with molding mask technique, Botox, and lip and facial fillers.

Physical, mental and emotional well being

To promote well being we offer a wide range of counselling therapies, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, acupuncture, relaxation, stress relief, Swedish massage, sports massage, personal training, natural medicine, osteopathy, and physiotherapy.

Preventative Medicine

This approach encourages the belief that prevention is better than cure and includes cholesterol and cardiac risk analysis, and specialist GP’s.