We all deserve to be Fit 4 Life

Beran Parry

Beran Parry PhD.S.A.C. Dip. Nutrition Therapy, Advanced Diet and Weight Loss. Exercise Physiology.

Natural Medicine Doctor and Health transformation Coach.

Profound knowledge and recognised expertise are the solid foundations for Beran Parry’s professional career as one of the worlds foremost Nutritionists and Wellbeing Experts in her field.

 A multiple award-winning Bestselling Author with several certifications and titles to her credit, covering all aspects of wellbeing, fitness and diet mastery, celebrated Lecturer, Nutritionist and Weight Control Specialist, Beran Parry is a highly effective Health Coach, a Master Exercise Physiologist and the trusted Holistic Wellness Therapist to thousands of men and women all over the world.


Via her many books, her ever-popular clinics and online programs, Beran is a powerful force for positive change in the lives of everyone she meets. Her clients include CEO’s, VIPs, business leaders, politicians, celebrities and anyone who recognises the importance of improving the quality of their life at all levels. 


As a respected international speaker, Beran has made presentations on Nutrition and Exercise Physiology to the European Commission and she’s been interviewed regularly by the media in the United States and in the UK.  She’s also appeared on television in Gibraltar where she’s discussed the life-enhancing benefits of effective Nutritional Programs.  She’s a regular contributor to newspapers, magazines and websites around the world and loves to share her knowledge and experience about the benefits of better health, weight and quality of life. Her Programs are designed to improve total Wellbeing, deliver effective Weight Loss and promote Intelligent Exercise.


Her mission is to share the benefits of her experience by improving people’s knowledge and empowering them to enjoy all the advantages that naturally flow from a much better quality of life. Beran helps people to achieve these extraordinary improvements through appropriate nutrition, a healthier lifestyle, carefully selected supplementation, genetic and forensic testing and natural hormone rebalancing. It’s a winning combination.


In 2001 she founded Parry Wellness, a Corporate Wellness Organisation with headquarters based in Brussels, Belgium, and serving the European Community throughout Europe. Parry Wellness delivers over 100 sessions every week to the Brussels Corporate Community.

In 2004, she launched an intensive research project on the benefits of Paleolithic and Ketogenic Nutrition. 

By 2014, her research programs had produced a series of highly informative and Bestselling Books on Amazon.

In 2013, she had the good fortune to collaborate with one of Europe’s finest Functional Medicine Doctors, Dr.Anne Lannoye. This meeting of minds led Beran to incorporate Functional Medicine as a fundamental and essential diagnostic tool in the cutting-edge discipline of Forensic Nutritional Analysis.

In 2017, in recognition of her exceptional contribution to the science of wellbeing and nutritional health, she was invited to become a Board Member and Treasurer of The Wellness Foundation, based in Brussels. She is also head of the Nutrition and Weight Loss Department of the famous Fit4life Clinic, based in Gibraltar. 

In 2018 she is planning to launch a Gibraltar-based Nutritional Foundation to serve as an educational resource for charities and corporations throughout Europe.