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Our in house beauticians are Swati and Vicky and you can visit Swati’s Beauty Treatment Facebook page for her diverse selection of beauty treatments and prices.


The Fit4Life Programme Fit4Life is not only a health related quality of life programme, it is the only exercise prescription programme in existence that works and is available to everyone regardless of level of fitness, gender or age. It has been especially designed to offer patients personalised prescribed exercises for[…]

Dietetic Services

At Fit4Life we promote healthy eating to lose weight healthily and permanently. A healthy diet has the potential of preventing many illnesses and generally increasing well being. We have a broad spectrum of specifically tailored weight loss plans featured on our Services page. We also offer body composition analysis, using[…]

Complementary Therapies

Reflexology Aromatherapy Holistic Massage Acupuncture Indian Head Massage Manual Lymphatic Drainage Iridology Naturopathy Functional Medicine


The Fit4Life Medical Centre offers the most advanced non surgical rejuvenation treatments including : Laser Resurfacing using light therapy Ultrasonix Natural Treatments Ayurvedic Facelifts Rose Gold Facials Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) Peelings Botox Fillers Skin Boosters Threads Mesotherapy (Face and Body)                        […]


Aromatherapy is the holistic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils for healing and cosmetic purposes incorporated into a massage, that alternates between gentle and harder pressure while using a specific blend of essential oils to compliment each client. Essential oils are alleged to have specific healing properties both[…]


The Fit4Life Medical Centre offers a wide range of massage therapy, both relaxing and therapeutic. They include : Hot Stone Therapy Hot Bamboo Therapy Oncology Massage Aromatherapy Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology Swedish Full body Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage Sports Therapy    


Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Breast Enlargement Breast Reduction Breast Lift Liposculpture Abdominoplasty Blepharoplasty Complete/Upper or Lower lid Face lift, Full/Mini/Threads Thigh Lift/Arm Lift/Neck Lift/ Rhinoplasty (nose) Otoplasty (Ear) Gynecomastia (Breast reduction men) Botox/ Facial Fillers/Lip Fillers Surgical Peels Spider/Thread veins Facial/Body Mesotherapy Anti-ageing Procedures Thread Facelift HIFU