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Aromatherapy is the holistic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils for healing and cosmetic purposes incorporated into a massage, that alternates between gentle and harder pressure while using a specific blend of essential oils to compliment each client. Essential oils are alleged to have specific healing properties both[…]


The Fit 4 life Medical Centre offers a wide range of massage therapy, both relaxing and therapeutic. They include :       Hot Stone Therapy Hot Bamboo Therapy Oncology Massage Aromatherapy Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology Swedish Full body Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage Sports Therapy      


The Fit 4 life Medical Centre offers the most advanced non surgical  rejuvenation treatments including : Laser Resurfacing using light therapy Ultrasonix Natural Treatments Ayurvedic Facelifts Rose Gold Facials Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) Peelings Botox Fillers Skin Boosters Threads Mesotherapy (Face and Body)                    […]